YouTuber fools everyone into thinking she was in Bali by posting pictures Taken in Ikea

How many of us haven’t wished to experience a trip to any destination we wish? While most of us don’t have the financial possibility to do this, some people found a way to give the impression of faking it at least.

This YouTuber fooled all her followers into thinking that she is on a holiday to Bali.  Little did her fans know, everything was part of her plan to prove to them that not everything that we see on social media is true.

Natalia Taylor has over 314,000 followers on her Instagram account. From all the pictures she posted, everyone believed that she’s having a great time at a luxurious hotel in Bali. In reality, she has never left her hometown. All the photos were taken in IKEA, by a photographer named Ally Amodeo.

Speaking about this experience, Natalia said:

“No one even knew. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I got away with it. Yes, officially fooled all of you into thinking I actually travelled to a different country altogether, when really I just went down the road to my favourite Swedish furniture store.”

After everyone believed her, she decided to share this experience with her audience on Youtube. During a video she uploaded on her channel, she revealed everything. Not only was everyone surprised, but also some of her fans accused her of being dishonest. Some of them were really mad, while some actually didn’t care at all.

It’s amazing how easy can a person fool everyone on social media. Everything that’s needed is a good quality camera, inspiration and a fancy background.


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