Why Kim Kardashial Will Dress “Less Sexy” from Now On?

Kim Kardashian is known for her revealing looks, but now it seems like a big change is about to happen with her style.

After years of dressing very sexy, with outfits that showed her curves and her body, Kim decided that from now on, she should make a change and dress more decent.

It seems like the main reason behind this decision is her husband’s wish. Now that Kanye is a more religious man, she has to adapt to his beliefs. In the past, he publicly affirmed that Kim dresses “too sexy” and he would be very happy if she took into consideration his opinion on this subject.

“He is my husband so I obviously want to honour him and what he’s feeling and he’s been going through this life change,” said Kim during an interview.

Another reason is that Kim is a mother now. This means that her children are exposed to social media, so they can see all her pictures and posts. She wants to be an example for them and dressing too sexy won’t do any good.

Kim wants her children to be confident and independent but at the same time, she doesn’t feel comfortable with them seeing indecent pictures of her. The star will be 40 years old very soon, so a change is very welcomed.



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