He Filmed Himself While Licking An Ice Cream Tub and Now He Got Some Time in Jail

A 24-year-old from Texas tried to become viral on the internet by doing something that most people might find really disgusting.  Because he posted the video online, he was sentenced to 30 days of jail.

The incident we are talking about happened last year, in August. D’Adrien Anderson filmed himself while he was in a market from Texas. He licked the content of an Ice Cream Tub and then put it back in the freezer.

Something that most people don’t know is that he actually bought that ice cream container in the end, but this part was never shown on camera.

Everything was filmed and then posted online. After some time, the video became very popular, until the market and the producer of the ice cream found out about it. There was no suprise that no one bought ice crem from that market anymore. No one knew which container was licked, and that was a risk no one was willing to take.

They sued D’Adrien and the video was taken down immediately.

For his actions, D’Adrien received a $1,000 fine and $1,565 in restitution to Blue Bell Creameries, because all the ice cream containers had to be replaced from that store.

After receving his sentence, Anderson began serving his jail term immediately.

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