Model With Down Syndrome Rocks New York Fashion Week

Sofía Jirau is a young lady from Puerto Rico who changed forever how people see the New York Fashion Week.

We are all aware of the fact that the fashion world puts a lot of pressure on models, creating unreachable beauty standards. Taking that into consideration, it’s becoming harder and harder to reach these so wrong norms.

Sofia is beautiful, yet so ambitious and positive. But she is very special as well because she is a model who has Down syndrome. But this aspect of her life never stopped her from achieving her goals and dreams. The girl ‘s only wish is to make a difference in this world and change people’s mentality about beauty and modelling.

On her Instagram, her motto is: “Inside and out there are no limits. You can accomplish your dreams too!”

Sofia debuted as a model on the New York Fashion Week, one of the biggest modelling events from the world. She was adored by the public, and her smile made everyone instantly fall in love. Now, people expect to see her more often in the future on the runway.

You would expect from her to stop here in career, but no. Sofia’s ambitions are higher. She’s a young businesswoman who already has her own clothing brand called “Alavett”.

Speaking about her experience from the New York Fashion Week, Sofia said: “I felt really good the first time. Everyone clapped for me.”

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