Is Kim Kardashian “Too Sexy” for Kanie West?

Kim Kardashian surprised everyone with her look for the 2019 Met Gala. She chose a completely insane corseted dress by Thierry Mugler, that revealed her curves and her body perfectly. Even though she is almost 40, she looks amazing.


The star put a lot of effort into her outfit, especially because this was the first Met Gala where she was invited as an official guest. Some close sources revealed that Kim prepared her look for about a year.

Not only had she looked stunning, but Kim proved once again that despite being a mother, she still manages to have a perfect body. Her outfit choice was appreciated by everyone, but her husband, Kanye West.

Kanye didn’t like the idea of his wife’s body being so exposed. Actually, he considered that the outfit was “too sexy”:

“You are my wife and it affects me when pictures are too sexy”, to which Kim responded: “You built me up to be a sexy person and have confidence! Just because you’re on a journey and you’re in a transformation doesn’t mean I’m in the same spot with you.”

The reason behind Kanye’s affirmation is that the rapper is a Christian now. He has strong beliefs and puts all his soul into this.



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