After Being Dumped By Her Fiance, She Lost Half Her Weight and Won Miss Great Britain

What better way to revenge being dumped than becoming the best version of yourself? Jen Atkin was dumped by her fiance because she was “too fat”, but she used this experience and worked really hard on herself and her appearance. Now, she’s the winner of Miss Great Britain 2020.


“I got to a size 22 and my favourite dress didn’t fit anymore and I knew I had to change! A few years ago, if someone had told me I’d be Miss Great Britain I’d have never believed it.”

Two years ago, Jen had a pretty sedentary life. After her partner left because he didn’t like her appearance, she decided to make the bigger change in her life. Since that moment, she lost more than 100 pounds, achieving the body she has always dreamt of.

Jen has a very disciplined life right now. She hits the gym 5 times a week and has a very healthy lifestyle.

“I eat so much better, I don’t follow a diet but I think about what I eat so much more. I still enjoy meals out but don’t binge like I used to! I go to the gym 5 times a week now and I love it, it’s become a staple part of my life and has helped me in so many ways.”

Jen is happier than ever. This year, she won the Miss Great Britain 2020. All her hard work paid off in the end and everything is the result of perseverance and ambition.


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