Woman Who had More than 10,000 Affairs Decides to Finally Settle Down for Marriage

Gwyneth Montenegro is a woman for whom gaining experience is everything.  In the last 12 years of her life, she had more than 10,000 affairs.

This number of sex partners sounds unreal for most of us, but for her, this was a desire that she decided to fulfil with any cost. During this period, love was never a possibility for Gwyneth. She never had time for a relationship and she has never taken into consideration getting involved in one.

Gwyneth even decided to share her experience with the world. In 2014, she published 10,000 Men and Counting, a book that reveals all her sexual experiences with the men she met.

Speaking about this experience, Gwyneth says that she will never regret this experience and her actions. Also, she claims that all these affairs made her realise what are the things that men look for when meeting a woman.

‘I found it easier to avoid relationships during my time in the industry. The two just don’t mix. I tried it once, it was an utter disaster.’

Being an author didn’t only bring her fame and money. At 36 years old now, she received more than 80 marriage proposals. But in the end, only one man was able to make her fall in love completely. Now, Gwyneth decided to settle down for marriage and bring her adventures to an end.

It’s been 3 years since Gwyneth retired from this kind of adventures. Now, she wants to settle down, to build a family and a new career.

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