She Was in Love with 3 Men, Until One of Them Got Murdered

Being part of a love triangle is a very difficult situation for everyone, but what can be done when one of your lovers kills the other one?

Natalie Strickland was a married woman, but at the same time, she was in two relationships with two other men. For a while, she managed somehow to keep all three men very happy, and things were working pretty good for her.

Speaking about her relationships, Natalie said: “One was passion and physical attraction, one was friendship and fun, one stability and familiarity. Alan was passionate and dangerous; he was a brilliant lover. Tom was friendly and fun, he made me laugh and we got on so well. My husband was familiar and we had such a lot of history together.”

She fell fulfilled because she was receiving everything a woman could ever desire. All this happiness lasted until one of her boyfriends got extremely jealous and killed the other man who had an affair with Natalie.

Her extra conjugal affairs were with two men: Alan Maidment, who was 40 years old, and Tom Jones, 47.

One day, Natalie and Tom had a serious argument, and he attacked her. After this, her other lover, Alan, decided to murder him as a revenge. He stabbed him multiple times and then he set his body on fire.

After this, Alan was jailed for life without parole. At some point, he even tried blaming Natalie for Tom’s death, but she was found innocent.

Now, Natalie is still together with her husband. She was welcomed back in her home and they are trying to manage all this trauma. Even after everything that happened, her husband is very supportive of her and offers all his help and love.

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