He Tried Taking Advantage of Her and Make Her Pay for Dinner, but She Took Her Revenge

Judy met her date on Tinder, and after some days in which they talked, they decided to meet for dinner.

After having their meal at a very nice restaurant, Judy wanted to impress her date and pay for the meal, as something that women don’t do that ofter. Like expected, Steve, the man she thought was very charming, promised that he will pick up the bill next time.

On their second date, something unexpected happened. Steve seemed to be a little too extravagant. He picked a luxurious restaurant, and he ordered everything his heart desired. It seemed like he selected on purpose the most expensive items on the menu, as well as a bottle of wine.

When the bill came, he excused himself and said that he forgot his wallet at home, so he wasn’t able to pay for anything. Like previously, he promised that on their next date he will take care of everything. So Judy had to pay again, even though he was the one who ordered ‘almost everything on the menu’.

It seemed indeed very weird, but Judy decided to try again. When she told her friend about Steve, their response was: “He must be one of those guys who wants free dinners.”

That was the moment when Judy had second thoughts. She was willing to give him another chance, but she didn’t want to be taken advantage of.

The third date came, and the same scenario happened. When the bill was brought to the table, Steve tried to find another excuse to avoid paying. But Judy decided to take her revenge this time.

She told Steve that her wallet is in the car and she has to go get it. Like expected, she never came back to the table, leaving him to handle the situation and the bill.

After this experience, Judy said:

 “I never even knew this thing existed but it’s one of these things I’ve heard my girlfriends say that a lot of girls take advantage of the guy online – they want to go on free dinners.

“I actually did not even think for a second that there would be a guy out there taking advantage of women by having free dinners.”

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