At 19, She Was a Soldier in Afghanistan. Now, She’s a Model Who Makes Men Go Crazy

She’s just 26 years old, but her life story will surprise everyone.

Hope Howard is a young lady from USA, who now works as a model. But little do her fans know that she, at some point, was a solder who fought on the fronts in Afghanistan.

Who could have thought of it, taking into consideration the way she looks and her current occupation, right?

Well, this is actually true. When she was just 19 years old, Hope decided to take a very dangerous path in life. She was brave, ambitious and she knew for sure that she’s capable of so much. So she enrolled in the army. Shortly after that, she was sent in a mission in Afghanistan.

She always dreamed about being a model, and her grandmother’s death made her rethink her life. In the end, was it worth it risking your life?

6 years later, Hope gave up on her military uniform for something more feminine. At the moment, she has a very successful modelling career and is admired by thousands of fans.

Speaking about her military life, Hope said that working in Afghanistan was “both the worst and best experience of my life, because I did an immense amount of growing and began to see the world differently “.

Considering her past, most men often find Hope very intimidating and dangerous. And who can blame them? Indeed, she is very dangerous – dangerously beautiful.

People adore Hope and the way her body looks. Her stunning body, her long legs and her smile make everyone instantly fall in love.

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