Jennifer Lopez Gives Up on Hair Extensions

Nowadays, more and more celebrities prefer a more natural look over all the glam we are used to. Some of them are brave enough to appear in front of us with their natural face and hair, leaving all the makeup and hair extensions behind.
Jennifer Lopez gave up on her hair extensions as well, and we all can agree that she looks absolutely stunning.

The star embraced her natural hair, which is a lot shorter than what her fans are used to see. She now has her hair cut at the level of her shoulders, and she is almost unrecognizable.
The paparazzi captured this side of Jennifer while she was hitting the gym. There is no surprise that she was at the gym, isn’t it? Even though she is 50 years old, she looks better than she ever did. Her body is flawless and she is still able to perform on stage like she always did. Some of her fans went as far as saying that she looks younger than ever.
The singer was recently criticized for her Super Bowl show, which was considered by some spectators inappropriate. Her pole dancing and her dance moves weren’t approved by everyone.

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