James Charles Threatened by An Uber Driver in Orlando

James Charles’s personality hasn’t been always the most appreciated by the public. During the years, he has drawn a lot of hate towards him, but he always managed to keep his head up.

Unfortunately, people still can’t understand that threatening people is not acceptable and no one has the right to judge another person.

A situation like this happened to James while he was in Orlando with one of his friends. After paying for an Uber drive, he was the victim of some serious threatens. The driver is the one who did such an awful thing. He went as far as throwing insults at James and threatening to physically hurt him.

Of course, James acted like a mature person an didn’t react right away. He then contacted the Uber’s customer service channel to get down to the issue. The influencer did this via Twitter, making everything public.

Uber responded almost immediately:

“We take this very seriously. Please send us a DM with your email address and phone number so we can connect ASAP.” 

Further information about this situation is still unknown. James is currently at a festival until March 1, so he probably didn’t have the time yet to update his followers on this matter.

His fans were really happy to hear that at least he is safe and wasn’t too affected by this incident.

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