Vladimir Putin Has Never Used a Lookalike

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been the subject of several rumours and conspiracy theories. And who can blame people for this? He is one of the most famous political personalities and he has always been considered a mystery for the world.

One of the most known theory is that in the past he used lookalikes for security reasons.



During an interview for Russia’s Tass news agency, journalist Andrei Vandenko asked Putin a few questions about this matter. He even asked him if he “is real”.

Vladimir Putin dismissed all these rumours, saying that he has never used a lookalike. According to his declaration, the idea of a body double was proposed to him in the past, but the president denied it.

This idea was brought to him in the early 2000s when Rusia was fighting a war against separatists in Chechnya. During this conflict, the president had to take several trips to the affected area, so this is the reason behind this idea. Mr Putin described this war as “the most difficult moment of fighting terrorism”.

The Russian President is the longest-serving Russian leader since Joseph Stalin. He is expected to give up his position in 2024, when his fourth term of office comes to an end.


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