Iran Will Severely Punish People Who Spread Fake-News about the Coronavirus

Iran is one of the most affected countries of the Coronavirus, alongside China, South Korea and Italy. 25 people have died here and at least 245 were infected. The most surprising thing about this epidemy is that not only ordinary people were declared sick, but also some very important people from the Government.

Taking into consideration the fact that the outbreak of the virus is very alarming for the population, Iran decided to control the news that is spreading about this subject. From now on, anyone who spreads fake news or rumours about the Coronavirus will be severely punished.

The punishment will consist of 3 years in prison and several lashes. Yes, it is hard to believe that corporal punishment is still considered a solution for correcting unacceptable human behaviour, but the Iran Government makes its own rules.

Hadi Khosrowshahi, the former ambassador of Iran at the Vatican recently died because of the Coronavirus. Sources declared that he died at a hospital in Iran. He was 81 years old and was a very important personality in his country.

At the moment, there are 83,369 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 2,858 deaths caused by it. Despite these numbers, there is also some good news: 36,525 managed to recover from the illness.

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