Andy Sandness, the Man Who Received a New Face After His Failed Suicide Attempt

Andy Sandness was one of the million victims of depression. In December 2016, on Christmas Day, he attempted suicide. At that time, he was living in Wyoming, USA. Luckily, he didn’t succeed.

After he shot himself, he instantly felt regret. He realised that his life was not meant to end at that moment, so he reached for help instantly. Even though the doctors managed to save his life, Andy’s face was transfigurated. He had to live with this consequence of his actions until 2016, when a big opportunity appeared to him.

He was given the chance to receive a free reconstructive face transplant. The donor was a man called Calen, who was just 21 years old. Like Andy, he was depressive and attempted suicide. Unfortunately, his life couldn’t be saved. His wife, Lily, was 6 months pregnant when her beloved husband decided to take away his life.

At first, Andy wasn’t sure about his decision. He wasn’t sure whether to accept the transplant or not, but in the end, he was brave enough to change his life. 9 surgeons were chosen to perform the face transplant and it was a real success. After the surgery, Andy had a new face.

He was a new person, ready to start his life again. But there was one more thing to be done. He had to meet Lily, the woman who was left alone after his donor’s death. The meeting between the two was very touching, but Lily knew that the loss of Calen meant a new chance for Andy. She was able to recognize her husband’s features and Andy is forever grateful for the chance he was given.

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