A New Organism Has Been Discovered and It Doesn’t Need Oxygen to Survive

A unique organism has just been discovered by scientists, and it is ready to amaze the world. The research was made by the Oregon State University’s Department of Microbiology. 

We all know that everything that lives on this planet needs oxygen in order to survive. Well, this new organism is an exception to this rule. It doesn’t breathe, so there is no need for oxygen.

The organism is called Henneguya salminicola and is a parasite that resembles a coral or a jellyfish. It lives in the salmon tissue and during the time, it evolved into a creature that doesn’t need oxygen to produce energy. As for feeding, it survives on “ready-made nutrients” that are stolen from the salmon.

Stephen Atkinson, a senior research associate at the Oregon University, made the next statement during an interview: “When we think of ‘animals,’ we picture multicellular creatures that need oxygen to survive, unlike many single-celled organisms including protists and bacteria, In our work, we have shown that there is at least one multicellular animal that does not have the genetic toolkit to use oxygen.”

So, this organism doesn’t need oxygen to survive and to produce energy. Does that mean that it doesn’t breathe? Scientists have shown that this parasite does “breathe”, but it doesn’t rely on oxygen. They are not sure yet about this matter, but one of their assumptions is that Henneguya salminicola absorbs molecules from its host that have already produced energy.


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