Liam Payne Broke Up with His Girlfriend Maya Henry

It seems like Liam Payne goes through a lot of changes lately. After a relationship that lasted over 6 months with the beautiful model Maya Henry, he is again a single man.

The last time when the couple was seen together was in December 2019. Since then, their relationship got to an end. Liam is now ready to continue his life, and he is looking forward to his future. His main priority right now is his happiness and his carrier.

A close source to the singer declared:

“Things between Liam and Maya had been rocky recently and they eventually decided to call it a day. He was extremely busy at the end of last year and when he eventually stopped, they were both able to re-evaluate exactly what they want. They decided to go their separate ways but he isn’t moping and wants to put it behind him. He has been telling people he is single and is looking to the future.”

What is the reason behind their breakup?

To sum things up, Liam Payne is very busy right now, especially with his musical carrier. It looks like he finds it very difficult to divide his time between his professional and his love life. This is why he decided to broke up with Maya Henry and continue his life as a single man.

Even though they were a beautiful couple and they seemed perfect for each other, life must follow its way. For the moment, Liam seems to be better alone.



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