A Youtuber Faked Being Infected With Coronavirus For Fame

Karomat Dzhaborov is a popular Youtuber from Russia. Because he wanted to become more famous, he decided to do this by fooling his subscribers.

He put on a medical mask and got on the tube that had one of the busiest lines in his town. Then, he faked passing out, crawling and shaking on the floor like he had convulsions.

At first, the people around them reached to him and tried to offer their help. But as soon as he continued acting like he was very sick, someone shouted “Coronavirus”.

After that, everyone on the tube got off at the next station. The panic that was created by Karomat’s actions can’t be described.

Everything was recorded and put online on Karomat’s Youtube Channel. His fame increased indeed, and his plan would have worked in the police haven’t found out about this.

They arrested him immediately for fraud and public lewdness. Also, his friend who helped him with the video got arrested as well. Now, he risks 5 years in prison and a big fine.

Dzhaborov’s lawyer explained that his client’s intention wasn’t to create panic. His never knew that the video would cause all these events.



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