The Coronavirus Postpones Ireland’s Six Nations Game Against Italy

Irish Health Minister, Simon Harris, considers that Ireland’s Six Nations game against Italy in Dublin on March 7 should be postponed. The reason behind his affirmation is the Coronavirus. According to his declarations, the risk of this event is too dangerous to be taken. Also, he considers that the public health is more important at this moment than anything else.

“We’ve taken a decision in relation to the Ireland-Italy rugby game which was due to be held in Dublin on 7 March. The very clear view of the Public Health Emergency team is that this game should not go ahead, that it would constitute a significant risk because a very large number of people would be travelling from what is now an affected region.” the minister said.

Also, he added:

“I know it will come as a great disappointment to many but it is important we make decisions in relation to public health above and beyond all other considerations.”

The situation in Italy is indeed very serious right now. 229 people have been confirmed to be infected with the virus, and 7 people have already died. In addition to that, 11 towns in the north are in lockdown.

The organisers of Six Nation are also concerned about this situation and they are currently “monitoring very closely” this matter. Postponing the match is an option that has been taken into consideration.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus caused already 6 matched from  Serie A  to be played behind closed doors.

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