How to Take Care of A Rabbit

Rabbits are the perfect furry friend you can choose to welcome in your house. There are very friendly, always full of energy and you two will bond immediately.
Some people are scared about adopting a rabbit because they think that taking care of it will take a lot of time and effort. Well, it seems like this fear they have isn’t actually based on something solid.

Here is what you should do if you think about adopting a rabbit:
1. First of all, the rabbit will need a space to live, its own home. Keep in mind that you will share your house and your room with it, so think twice before adopting an animal.
2. Rabbits need a cage or space to sleep. Make sure that it is cozy enough, you can also lay blankets or sawdust there to keep them warm.
3. Buy hay and a recipient for water. Rabbits need a lot of hydration and hay is the most important part of their rabbit.
4. Make lists with safe plants for rabbits and buy the one that you have access to. Besides hay, your furry friend will need greens and vegetable to be healthy.
5. When you bring the rabbit home, leave him alone for some time. Let him adapt to the new space, also provide him with water and food. After a few days, you can start interacting with it.
6. Rabbits love to play, but keep in mind that they get scared easily. Let your rabbit smell you, to sit on your lap. If needed, don’t move until you feel that it isn’t afraid of you anymore. You can also try offering him treats from your hand. The way to a rabbit’s heart is through his stomach.

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