13 People Killed in Delhi Protests

Delhi, the capital of India, is facing some serious problems among its citizens. Violent manifestations between groups of protesters are fighting each other on the streets, and some of them have already lost their lives.

The clashes started on Sunday, but they haven’t finished yet.

The initial reason was a new Indian citizenship law. It all began between the protesters that were against it and the ones who supported it. Now, it evolved into a really violent fight with religious overtones, between Hindu and Muslim groups.

Coincidence or not, this incident is happening during Donald Trump’s official visit to India. The American President was asked about this situation during an interview, but all he said was that is “up to India” to manage it.

The clashed become more and more violent. Mobs have been seen throwing stones and shouting slogans, while others vandalised a mosque. Some people have been hurt and are treated in hospitals at the moment, but others haven’t been so lucky.

According to the official sources, thirteen people have been killed during this manifestations. They were both Hindi and Muslim, but among them, there was also a policeman, Ratan Lal.

Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s newly re-elected chief minister declared:

“There are not enough police on the streets. Local police are saying they are not getting orders from above to control the situation”

From his declaration, it appears that the Government isn’t in control of the situation yet. By the end of this week, they are expected to find some solutions regarding this awful situation.


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