How Did Charli D’Amelio Become so Famous?

Charli D’Amelio is one of those teenage girls that became famous overnight. She is only 15 years old, but I can assure you that this is not the first time you will hear about her.

She is known for her activity on TikTok, the app that almost everyone uses right now. All she is doing is dance, dance, dance. Charli isn’t a  professional dancer, all she does is out of pure passion. Who would have thought that just by making 30 seconds videos will bring her all this fame and opportunities?

At the moment, she has over 25 million followers on TikTok, and the number of people who like to watch her dances is probably increasing as we speak. The first video that made her famous is a duet with another tiktoker,@move_with_joy. In a recent declaration, Charli actually thanked her and told her fans that without that duet, she would have never been where she is now.

In November last year, she danced for Bebe Rexha’s and The Jonas Brothers. Now, Charli is a real influencer and the best is yet to come for her. All her friends support her. Even her parents take a big part in her carrier, her father is actually her Manager.

This year, in January, Charli had the opportunity to dance on the same stage with Jennifer Lopez for a SuperBowl challenge TikTok video. Also, she was a part of a Pepsi commercial.


Charli loves to dance, and this is the passion she has followed ever since she was five. In the future, she intends to see where all this fame will take her. But for now, she is very young and has to finish school.

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