Are There any Beneficial Effects of The Coronavirus outbreak?

It is hard to believe that such a tragic event as the outbreak of the Coronavirus could have any beneficial effect, but it seems like it may be true.

A recent study claimed that since its outbreak, the pollution in China decreased by 25%. The study was made by an Air Quality Research Organisation from Sweden.

The main reason for this is the traffic and factory restriction. This was the solution imposed by the Government so that the virus won’t affect other regions in China.

The carbon dioxide emissions have dropped off from 400 million tons to 300. Most of the factories are shut down at the moment or have the activity limited. Also, petrol and coal requirements are very minimal in this period.

China is one of the most important importers and consumers of petrol in the whole world, but since the Coronavirus outbreak, the oil distillery industry has reached one of the lowest points of activity in the last 5 years. The production in the most important industrial sectors from the country has dropped by 40%.

All these things happened in the last two weeks, but the Government claimed that once the virus outbreak will stop, everything will come back to normal.

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