Are Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Expecting a Baby?

Fans are going crazy over the rumours that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are expecting a baby. Even though the couple didn’t make the official announcement yet, everyone is very excited and can’t wait for the big reveal. The public simply adores them, and who can put blame on them? The couple is simply adorable.

Sophie and Joe decided to unite their destinies and continue further on as a family in May this year. They had a beautiful wedding in Las Vegas and then a second one in Europe. Since then, everyone expected them to make the announcement that they are expecting a baby, but they never did.

Of course, their families are going crazy after those rumours as well. Who doesn’t love babies? A child will make their relationship stronger and will consolidate their family.

How far is Sophie in her pregnancy? This is something that people are definitely uncertain about. In the latest pictures posted online, her body looks stunning, as she always did. But celebrities are well known for hiding such details from their fans, so a possible pregnancy isn’t out of discussion yet.

We all hope that Joe and Sophie will decide to clarify this news as soon as possible, and hopefully, they won’t deny it. Both of them are very busy with their carriers right now, but a baby is a blessing for everyone.

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