A Chinese Director and All His Family Killed by the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus makes another victim. This time, the tragedy happened in the family of a well known Chinese director. His whole family died because of the virus.

The situation in Wuhan hospitals is terrific. There is no more space available for sick people, so they are sent home.

This was the case for Chang Kai as well. He was 55 years old and had an amazing carrier in front of him. Unfortunately, his father got infected and all his family followed him.

He quarantined himself in his own house, risking his family’s life as well. Soon after that, Chang’s mother, himself, his sister and his wife were infected as well. His parents died first, followed by him and his sister. Chang’s wife is the only survivor of the family at the moment, but she is in a critical state.

The Chinese authorities from Wuhan try their best to solve these problems. New hospitals have been built, but space never seems to be enough. Also, even if you are lucky enough to receive medical aid, this won’t guarantee your survival. There are hundreds of people that die daily in hospitals. Doctors are getting infected as well, so this is a situation that doesn’t seem to find an end soon.

The Coronavirus outbreak affected 73.000 people at the moment and 1875 have already died because of it. In Europe, there is a single decease case, a Chinese man who was 80 years old and died in France.

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