The Little Cow that Will for Sure Steal Your Heart

Do you believe in happy coincidences? Well, even if you do or not, the next story will bring a big smile on your face for sure.
Somewhere at a farm in Northern Ireland, exactly on Valentine’s Day, a cow was born with a big white heart on its forehead. Even if it seems impossible for some to believe, we can assure you that it is a hundred per cent true. The next pictures will prove you that the little animal exists and sometimes fate isn’t just a myth:

The family immediately fell in love with the cute little cow, and who can blame them? Just take a look at its beautiful big eyes, so pure and warm. Who could ever be able to not adore this little animal? It melts your heart just by looking at it and its little head. But what actually steals your heart is the white heart it has on its forehead.
The children couldn’t help themselves and welcomed the cow as a new member of their family. They love to play with it and give it all the love they possibly can. It is for sure one of the cutest calves you have ever been given the chance to see.

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