First Death Caused by Corona Virus in Europe

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, more than 66.000 people have been infected and 1.523 have died because of it. Most of those deaths happened in China, but now, it seems like the virus has made its first victim in Europe.

More than 28 countries are affected by the virus at the moment and in the last 24 hours it has been registered that 143 people have died. The situation seems to be in control in Europe, considering that this is the first case of death caused by the virus since its outbreak.

This incident happened last week, in France. The man who died was a Chinese tourist who came to France on the 16th of January. As soon as he arrived on the French territory, he has been immediately quarantined. Luckily, his daughter who was travelling with him is still alive and isn’t affected by the virus. The doctors still keep her under medical observation, but her life is considered to be under no risk. At the moment, 12 cases of people infected with the coronavirus have been confirmed in France.

The man was 80 years old and died at the end of last week in a French hospital. The Health Minister declared that the situation is under control and people shouldn’t be afraid of a possible outbreak of the virus in France.

The World Health Organization will soon send 12 experts in China who have the mission to ascertain the cause of the virus’ outbreak.



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