A Ghost Ship Washed up on Ireland’s Shore after it has been Adrift for a Year on the Atlantic Ocean

A shipwreck showed up on the shore of Ireland, after the Storm Dennis hit the west of Europe.

The ships’ name is known today as Alta, and it was built in 1976. From that time until today it had a great number of names and owners. In the fall of 2018 it became apparent that the ship had technical issues when sailing from Greece to Haiti which made it drift at sea for twenty days and over a thousand miles south-east of Bermuda. During that time the crew needed to be air-dropped food and supplies by the coast guard. Eventually, with a hurricane approaching, the ten crew members of MV Alta were rescued.

Since then, the ship has been abandoned by its crew and has been left floating adrift in the Atlantic Ocean for more than a year. The seventy seven-meter MV Alta came close to the shores of the United States, South America, Africa and Europe, according to The Guardian.

The ships’ journey ended during the Storm Dennis, on Sunday, when it reached the shores of a fishing village in County Cork, Ireland, on the shores of the Celtic Sea.

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