Young Lady Returns to Her Birthplace to Have Her First Legal Drink

How would it feel If you were given the chance to have your first legal drink in the same place you were born? Most of us would consider it a quite uncommon situation, but for Isobel Casey, a young lady who has just turned 18, was the perfect way to celebrate her birthday.

Her birth story is indeed unique: she was born in a pub called Hartford Mill from England on the 14th of February, 2002, while her mother was having coffee with her friends. 18 years later, the girl returned to have her first pint of beer.

She was the second child in her family, so Mrs. Casey already knew what to expect from a pregnancy, especially because she was working as a nurse at that time. Little did she actually knew, her daughter’s birth will be the most unusual event she has ever lived. While she was enjoying her beverage, she felt a strong contraction. From that moment, she couldn’t do anything but to give birth to her daughter in the pub, near the toddler ball pit.

When Isobel was just 4 years old, her family decided to moved to Canada, leaving the rainy England behind. Eventhough they started a new life there, her parents have never forgotten the story behind her birth. They made sure that their daughter knew from a young age about it, and encouraged her to come back here to have her first legal drink.

She traveled  4,678 miles (7,527km) to come back to her birth place. Mr. Casey was the one who has decided what would be Isolbel’s first drink:  a pint of Greene King IPA. He was very excited to celebrate this special moment in his daughter’s life, mostly because it was done in an English manner.

I’ve always believed in the English and European way of introducing young people to alcohol safely,” he said.

Isobel Casey tells the story of her birth with a big smile on her face, saying that this is one of her favourite ones to share with her friends at parties. Next year, she intends to come back to England, to continue her studies there.


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