Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, “Too Sexy” with Their Super Bowl Shows

Super Bowl reached its 52nd edition and was watched by 102 million viewers in the US this year. Most of them were very pleased with the shows that accompanied the match, but some people considered some performances very inappropriate.

We are talking about two real divas, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Two celebrities who are known for their ability to make a good show. However, about 1,300 American-born viewers complained about the shows that both of them made at the Super Bowl, considering that it was “too sexy”.

However, the singers’ shows performed on the evening of February 2 received the appreciation of other artists. For example, Lady Gaga used the term “incredible” when talking about them. Not everyone was pleased, however, as we mentioned before.

CNN has announced that the show has been reported to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the authority that regulates audiovisual in the US, by more than 1,300 viewers. Mostly, their dissatisfaction was caused by two artists’ shows, which appears to have contained sensual choreographic elements.

Many of the complainants were parents, who have argued that the program was inappropriate for children. In particular, Jennifer Lopez was targeted.

A Utah parent stated in his complaint: “I had to send my children out of the room to avoid being exposed to something I shouldn’t have seen myself.”

Another Washington mom said: “Room full of kids so we paused the halftime show to strategically fast forward and I didn’t wait long enough and we’re suddenly watching pole dancing”

Those who were disturbed by the show announced that they would boycott the Super Bowl and the entire National Football League in the future.

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